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A complete health insurance guide in Vietnam

As an eastern country located on the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam shares its borders with Cambodia, Laos, and China. The country even boasts a breathtaking coastline alongside the South China Sea. So, Vietnam is known for its splendid beaches—especially, Ha Long Bay.

That is not all as the country is even home to tropical forests, stunning river basins, extensive farmlands, and vibrant urban centers such as Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi.

However, if you are traveling to Vietnam for a long-term stay, then you should be aware of the region’s health sector as well. Because if you plan to live as an expat in Vietnam, you need to know the country’s healthcare and your health insurance options.

So, now, let us understand Vietnam’s healthcare ecosystem.

Vietnam’s healthcare landscape

In Vietnam, healthcare can sometimes be difficult to come by—chiefly in rural areas. Government subsidies cover up to 20 percent of the overall medical expenses. That means the rest of the amount must be paid by patients.

The government in Vietnam is constantly working toward overhauling the healthcare landscape since the 90s. And, doubtlessly, great progress has been made so far. A universal healthcare ecosystem, which is modelled after the one deployed in Thailand, is getting developed. This way, concrete steps are taken to improve the basic medical care in the country.

However, right now, the expats try to steer clear of all the public hospitals. Because their standards do not match those found in the hospitals of Western countries. Public hospitals get little to no funding and are poorly equipped. The more you step out of the cities, the worse it gets. In a few remote areas of Vietnam, basic health care does not even exist.

So, as an expat in Vietnam, you should opt for an international health insurance plan. That is, by far, the best way of making sure that you get quality medical care whenever you need it.

And when it is about getting the best health insurance plans in Vietnam for expats, it is definitely about Expat Health Group (EHG).

Expat Health Group—bringing the most reliable health insurance for expats in Vietnam

We, at EHG, deliver the best health insurance plans to expatriates like you in Vietnam. For bringing the most trusted medical coverage, we have a team of experienced health insurance specialists. This team has partnered with leading international insurers worldwide.

That is how we tailor health insurance as per your needs. So whether you need an international life insurance or maternity cover, we have a plan for nearly every medical condition. Our insurance plan can cover big medical expenses ranging from emergencies to evacuation. You just name it and we will give you an insurance plan for it.

So get in touch with us if you need a plan for yourself, your family, co-workers, pilots and aircrews, gas and oil workers, or international school.

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Cover Details Cigna Global



Classic IP and Crystal OP

Max. Cover Per Year (Annual Policy Limit) USD 1m USD 1,518,750
Geographic Area of Cover Options Worldwide exc. US Worldwide exc. US
Outside Area Emergency Cover
Emergency Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Hospital Room Cover Private Room Semi-private Room
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