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The ultimate guide to health insurance in Thailand

Having sun-blanched white sandy beaches and warm weather, Thailand is the textbook example of tropical paradise. That is one of the many reasons why it has become a great destination for expats who are looking forward to relocating permanently.

The tropical climates, however, come with a range of health hazards that may not be a cause of concern back home. These hazards include rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, and malaria.

For battling against these hazards, Thailand has thousands of medical establishments. But the very best Thai hospitals are private, have high fees, and even a long wait list. That is why it is advisable to have healthcare insurance if you are planning to move to Thailand.

So, now, let us have a quick once-over on two of the biggest coverage plans in Thailand.

Employee insurance versus personal health insurance

In Thailand, there are two different ways of obtaining health insurance coverage. First is through a policy given by your employer; second is through a policy purchased by you. Each of these policies comes with its own upsides and downsides, so selecting the right one will be based on your personal circumstances.

Personal health insurance

Similar to your home country, Thailand has a lot of personal health insurance providers. So if you pick private health insurance, you will gain a number of benefits. You will have complete control over which type of coverage you will want to receive so you don’t pay too much or have too little coverage.  Also if you change jobs you won’t need to worry about how it will affect your health, ongoing treatment or if you’ll be given adequate cover.

Employee health insurance

The group health insurance that’s covered by an employer has some obvious disadvantages and advantages. A big plus for those who are going with this type of coverage is that, here, the company pays for the whole policy. As one of its downsides, this insurance type will never allow you to decide or customize the policy as per your individual needs. Plus, the moment you leave the job, you will lose the cover as well.

So, the bottom line is that you will need healthcare insurance that not only fills your bill but also gets you covered when you need the most.

That is exactly where Expat Health Group (EHG) comes in.

Expat Health Group—providing Thai healthcare at its best

At EHG, we have healthcare insurance specialists who can deliver the best solutions in Thailand. Our coverage solutions can be tailored as per your needs. As far as our insurance solutions go, we cover you for all major medical treatments in case of an emergency. That is not all as we even cover you for regular doctor visits and deliver comprehensive coverage plans that include wellness and dental costs. Last, we even offer maternity insurance to expats who have decided to start a family in Thailand.

So, with us, you will find a lot of different options to pick from.

As a reliable insurance specialist, we have been in business for the last two decades—and for that long we have served expats and carted to their individual needs. For delivering the best healthcare insurance solutions, we have tied up with top Thai insurers. This way, we have never faced any challenge when it came to delivering the best insurance plan for expats.

What else? We even provide private insurance solutions for individuals and families, pilots and aircrew, corporate groups, gas and oil workers, and international schools; also, we offer international life insurance solutions.

So, do not wait when it is about your health in Thailand. Contact us and get a health insurance quote that is just meant for you.

Expats save an average of 30% on health insurance costs by using our health insurance comparison.

Cover Details Cigna Global



Classic IP and Crystal OP

Max. Cover Per Year (Annual Policy Limit) USD 1m USD 1,518,750
Geographic Area of Cover Options Worldwide exc. US Worldwide exc. US
Outside Area Emergency Cover
Emergency Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Hospital Room Cover Private Room Semi-private Room
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