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Expat health insurance in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has received a lot of attention from expats worldwide because of the region’s scenic spots and eco-friendliness. But as more and more expats continue to relocate from different parts of the world, they will have to factor in the country’s healthcare landscape.

After all, health is the only wealth.

As it may be challenging to get medical treatment outside your home, many expats will want to know about the country’s medical services and their insurance options. And they will want to know about all these things before they make up their mind to settle in this country.

However, before all this, let us understand Papua New Guinea’s healthcare landscape.

Analyzing Papua New Guinea’s healthcare

Papua New Guinea is an underdeveloped nation that is on the road to development. The country has achieved independence in 1975. But there are some problems in deploying the modern healthcare infrastructure in this country. What is more? This country has a very problematic health status because of its geographical location. According to the WHO, the country has different widespread diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, and cholera.

Healthcare in this nation varies between medical establishments in Port Moresby and other big cities. And there are just a few aid posts in the region’s remote areas. The medical facilities in the country receive their funding from churches and government. These churches and the nation’s government, on the other hand, receive their funding from companies, public sector, and other enterprise-backed providers.

That is why it makes all the sense to get health insurance if you are an expat or a soon-to-be expat in Papua New Guinea.

Expat Health Group—health insurance plans for expats in Papua New Guinea

Also referred to as EHG, Expat Health Group has a team of medical insurance specialists. This team delivers custom health insurance options for different situations that can range from a medical emergency to even normal doctor visits.

The plans, which are available with EHG, include medical covers for maternity, dental care, wellness cost, and the like. What is more? This provider even offers international life insurance solutions for everyone who wants to get one.

So, do not wait. If you want to get the best health insurance as an expat in Papua New Guinea, then connect with EHG’s consultants. They will be happy to help you find the right medical coverage.

Expats save an average of 30% on health insurance costs by using our health insurance comparison.

Cover Details Cigna Global



Classic IP and Crystal OP

Max. Cover Per Year (Annual Policy Limit) USD 1m USD 1,518,750
Geographic Area of Cover Options Worldwide exc. US Worldwide exc. US
Outside Area Emergency Cover
Emergency Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Hospital Room Cover Private Room Semi-private Room
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