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A health insurance guide for expats in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its rich mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and European culture. Also, the region is known for its stunning beaches, developing economy, and vibrant cities. Because of these reasons, Malaysia has risen as one of the most popular choices for expats.

As an expat, you might already be in love with this South East Asian country. However, before spending your time in Malaysia for education or work, you need to know about the region’s healthcare landscape. Being a wise expat, you should factor in different health insurance coverage options available.

However, before diving deep into different health insurance plans, it is time to know in detail about the healthcare landscape in Malaysia.

Healthcare in Malaysia

Malaysia does not have any national health service, but it does have a proper system that subsidizes the medical treatment’s rates for the country’s citizens. The Ministry of Health governs public healthcare in Malaysia. This system is jointly funded by employers, state, and residents.

In this country, the medical services can be leveraged at private and public clinics and hospitals. As public healthcare is economical, most government-funded hospitals are almost always overcrowded. However, public healthcare facilities are only accessible by Malaysian nationals. As of now, the government does not have tie-ups with other countries for forming any reciprocal healthcare policy. On the other hand, private healthcare is expensive. Because Malaysia’s private medical establishments often boast some of the best facilities.

Since private medical establishment’s cost often becomes unaffordable for expats, it is better to invest in a health insurance plan. It is better to invest in a plan that is designed for expats living in Malaysia.

That is where Expat Health Group (EHG) comes in.

Expat Health Group: Bringing reliability to medical coverage for expats in Malaysia

At EHG, we are a reliable team of health insurance specialists. This team is fully committed to introducing the best medical coverage options for expats who are living in Malaysia. The best part is that these medical coverage plans can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget.

For customizing the best medical insurance solutions for expats, we have associated with trusted providers in the international insurance world. Because of our collaborative approach, we have risen as a credible insurance specialist for different expats living in Malaysia.

Our insurance plans offer coverage for evacuation, doctor visit, medical emergency, dental costs, and maternity. Before providing these insurance options, we have a number of plans related to international life insurance as well.

Now, get connected with our sales rep and get the best health insurance coverage not only for yourself but also for your family, international schools, aircrews and pilots, and oil and gas workers.

So, get connected with one of our sales reps today to find out which plan is the best for you.

Expats save an average of 30% on health insurance costs by using our health insurance comparison.

Cover Details Cigna Global



Classic IP and Crystal OP

Max. Cover Per Year (Annual Policy Limit) USD 1m USD 1,518,750
Geographic Area of Cover Options Worldwide exc. US Worldwide exc. US
Outside Area Emergency Cover
Emergency Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Hospital Room Cover Private Room Semi-private Room
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