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Expat health insurance in Laos

Laos is known for its cultural diversity and beautiful landscape. That being said, the place has a history of colonization, poor living conditions, and war. This is why Laos has experienced a lot of setbacks. However, now, this country has taken concrete steps to improve education and healthcare.

Since the living conditions do not usually pass muster with the most expats out there, it is advisable to go for expat health insurance. And when it comes to buying the best health insurance cover for expatriates in Laos, it comes down to Expat Health Group (EHG).

Now, before diving into the different coverage options that EHG offers, it’s time to analyze the landscape of healthcare in Laos.

Laos’s healthcare ecosystem

Although being on the road to improvements, many healthcare facilities in Laos are outdated; some of them may even lack the most basic sanitation standards. Except for the Western hospitals, many native healthcare facilities have hospital staff that is not well trained. What is more? Many hospitals have limited ambulance services.

That is why in 2012, life expectancy was measured to be nearly 64 years. However, that was a 10-year jump from 2007 when the life expectancy for Laos’s citizens was just 54 years. What else? As an expat, you may have to be evacuated even for the most basic medical procedures.

Here is where a health insurance plan for expats makes a world of difference.

EHG’s health insurance plans for expats in Laos

At EHG, we can offer a range of health insurance plans that are chiefly designed for expats in Laos. We make sure that each of these plans can be tailored for matching your budgets and needs. What else? We can even offer different plans for protecting families, oil and gas workers, corporate groups, international school staff, and pilots and aircrews.

That means our entire selection of medical coverage plans can be tailored to fit your lifestyle to a tee. For tailoring these plans, we have tie-ups with a range of health insurance specialists. These medical insurance plans give coverage for different cases including medical emergencies, maternity, general wellness, dental care, and whatnot.

And if that was not all, there is coverage for basic doctor visits as well. Last, we even provide international life insurance plans to expats who are interested in having one.

So do not wait much. If you are an expat in Laos and if you need health insurance, get in touch with one of our experts today. Our specialists will help you make an informed choice as far as expat health insurance goes.

Expats save an average of 30% on health insurance costs by using our health insurance comparison.

Cover Details Cigna Global



Classic IP and Crystal OP

Max. Cover Per Year (Annual Policy Limit) USD 1m USD 1,518,750
Geographic Area of Cover Options Worldwide exc. US Worldwide exc. US
Outside Area Emergency Cover
Emergency Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Hospital Room Cover Private Room Semi-private Room
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